Item #34878

English Belt Pistol By Hanson, Doncaster Yorkshire

  • Price: $2,195.00
  • Maker: Hanson
  • Model: Belt Pistol
  • Caliber: .64 Cal

  • Description: An English belt pistol built by natilan Hanson of Doncaster, Yorkshire circa 1550-1860. This excellent pistol shows a 6" barrel, smooth bore. Built to shoot a 64+ b all or shot. (16ga). the pistol is 10 1/2" overall showing an excellent bore, bright original blue on the barrel, case colored breech and a clean out nipple housing. The barrel shows an under rib and a captive rod. The action is hand engraved and mounted with a hammer safety. The grip is black walnut and show excellent fine overall checkering and an unmarked silver escutcheon plate. The butt cap and nipple trap is case colored and engraved. The left side shows a belt or shash hook, typically used by Seaman and Sea service of this era. This pistol was probably a captain or officers pistol aboard a commercial vessel. An above average pistol as to its condition and workmanship.