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Arrived on 09/14/2018
New Item #35468

American Standard Tool Co. No.1 Tip – Up .22 Revolver

  • Price: $375.00
  • Description: Serial #31235, .22 RF, 3 1/8” octagon barrel with a very good, lightly freckled bore. This is a nice little revolver that has about 10% of the original silver plate remaining on the darkly tarnishe...
New Item #35578

Brazilian Mauser Model 1935 Rifle 7mm

  • Price: $695.00
  • Description: Serial #5568, 7mm Mauser, 29 1/2” barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is a Mauser Banner marked rifle with a crisp Brazilian crest on the receiver. The import marked barrel has about 60-70...
New Item #31406

British Lee Enfield No 9 MK 1 Bayonet

  • Price: $85.00
  • Description: No 9 MK 1 bayonet. Built by Poole between 1947 & 1949. The only mark is a G5 over B located on the top leading edge of the socket on the right side. This bayonet comes with its original scabbard an...
Sold Item #35454

British P-56 Short Rifle Bayonet (Bar-on-Barrel)

  • Description: This is a “(Broad Arrow) / WD marked bayonet that measures 27 3/4” overall with a 22 1/2” yataghan blade having wide single fullers. The blade has a mostly speckled gray patina with dark spots ...
New Item #35406

British Pattern 1914 Rifle by Eddystone (DP Marked)

  • Price: $595.00
  • Description: Serial #323022, .303 British, 26” barrel with a fine, bright bore that has some mild freckling within the grooves. The metal of this rifle has retained 50-60% of the original matte blue finish with...
New Item #30296

Commercial Winchester Hotchkiss Carbine SRC 1st Model

  • Price: $2,945.00
  • Description: Serial #12284, .45-70, 24” barrel with a fine, bright bore. This is a handsome carbine that has approximately 80-85% of the original blue finish that has blended smoothly with a gray-brown freckled...
Sold Item #35458

German Short Sword by Clemens & Jung Unit Marked

  • Description: This is a handsome sword that measures 30 3/4” with a 25 3/8” straight, single-edged blade with wide single fullers, and double-edged, spear-point tip. The blade has an overall bright gray patina...
Sold Item #25158

Magtech 32 ACP Ammo 200 Rnds

  • Description: Four fifty round boxes (200 rounds) of 32 ACP loaded with 71 grain full metal cased bullets showing a listed velocity of 905 FPS. Boxes show slight shelf wear, ammo is bright and clean. ...
New Item #35789

Peters 300 Savage 1954 Dated Box

  • Price: $75.00
  • Description: Savage high power 180 gr 300 savage. Excellent yellow, blue red and white box. All cartridges are original to the box HS Peters Sav 300. All rounds show some age darkening. The reverse of the box ...
New Item #35794

Rem/UMC Nitro Club 10 GA Shotshells

  • Price: $85.00
  • Description: Full original box of REM/UMC 10 GA nitro club shot shells. Box shows sound labels with Mallard and sunburst. Nice clean graphic of the Remington shot shell. The cartridges remain in excellent plus ...
New Item #35456

Scottish Percussion Fowling Piece by Cocker of Glasgow

  • Price: $1,695.00
  • Description: NSN, 40 Bore (approximately .49 Caliber), 31” octagon barrel with a good, lightly pitted bore. This gun was made by William Dixon Cocker of Glasgow (in operation ca. 1836-1846), and was originally ...
New Item #35457

Spanish Model 1881 Artillery Hanger

  • Price: $195.00
  • Description: This is a handsome short sword that measures 28 3/4” overall, with a 23 1/2” yataghan blade having wide, single fullers. The blade has a bright, original patina with only scattered trace frecklin...
New Item #35683

U.S. Peabody (1855) Bayonet & 8 Rivet Scabbard

  • Price: $495.00
  • Description: U.S. Bayonet model 1855. This example shows a bright excellent blade marked US over 19. This leather brass tiped scabbard with is original frog which is the type 3 with 8 rivets. As Reilly this sca...
New Item #35584

US Navy Colt 1851 Richards – Mason Revolver

  • Price: $5,950.00
  • Description: Serial #89528, .38 Long Colt, 7 1/2” octagon barrel with a fine, bright bore that has some very mild freckling with the grooves. This is a handsome Richards-Mason revolver that has matching numbers...
New Item #35684

Vintage Western Indian Head Holster

  • Price: $195.00
  • Description: Vintage Western American Holster circa 1930's. This holster is 9 X 5 " and appears to be built for a SA colt. There is no makers name but it is a very well crafted piece. The front face shows excel...
New Item #31414

Winchester Ammo Box 38-45 Bullard Cartridges

  • Price: $595.00
  • Description: A very scarce item is any bullard calibers in Winchester boxes. See "Winchester cartridge boxes 1856-1956" by ray Giles and Dan Shuey page 286. This is a very uncommon box, rounded corners, center f...
New Item #35470

WW2 Japanese Army Parade Saber

  • Price: $185.00
  • Description: This is a typical saber and measures 34 1/4” overall with a 28 3/4” slightly curved, unfullered blade with unmarked ricasso. The steel has about 90% of the original nickel plate remaining with sc...
Arrived on 09/07/2018
New Item #35640

Antique Branded Powder Horn

  • Price: $145.00
  • Description: A 19th century, powder horn . overall length 14" and 3" across the cork butt. This horn shows an unusual "branded" not carved owner initial T.C.K An attractive antique horn showing its' obvious age....
New Item #35477

Antique S&W 38 Single Action Green Box

  • Price: $150.00
  • Description: This is an original, one-piece green box (without end label) for a nickel-plated S&W .38 SA revolver. The exterior has light wear along the edges, as well as corner damage on the lid. The underside ...
New Item #35106

Bedouin Shibriya Dagger

  • Price: $95.00
  • Description: This dagger is typical of the type used by Bedouin nomads in Jordan/Israel/Palestine, and measures 10 1/4” with a 5 3/4” straight, asymmetric, double-edge blade with shallow center spine. The bla...
New Item #35478

Civil War US Model 1840 Musician Sword by Roby

  • Price: $795.00
  • Description: This is an 1863 dated sword that measures 34 1/2” overall, with a 28 1/8” straight, single-edged blade with wide, single fullers. The blade is excellent, with only some residual freckling at the ...
New Item #35598

French Flintlock Year IX Gendarmerie Model Pistol

  • Price: $2,495.00
  • Description: NSN, .58 Caliber, 5” barrel with a very good, lightly pitted bore. This is an 1811 dated pistol with “Maubeuge / Manuf. Imp.” marked lockplate, still configured in the original flint. The barr...
New Item #35452

French Model 1866 Chassepot Bayonet

  • Price: $145.00
  • Description: This is a St. Etienne-made bayonet that measures 27 1/2” overall with a 22 5/8” yataghan blade having wide single fullers. The blade has a mostly armory bright finish with specks of mild surface ...
New Item #33752

Marlin 1894S 1894S 44 Magnum Lever Rifle

  • Price: $695.00
  • Description: This is a fine looking Marlin Model 1894S lever action rifle chambered in 44 Magnum. Barrel is 20" with a near excellent bright strong bore. Metal surfaces are blued and retain about 96-97% original f...
Sold Item #21548

Martini Henry Ammunition Kynoch 577/450 Ammo

  • Description: One full ten round box of Kynoch 577/450 ammo loaded with solid lead 480 grain paper patched bullets. Box shows some soiling, shelf wear and some tape. Ammo is bright and clean in original waxed pape...
New Item #23198

Pair of .50 BMG Dummy Rounds

  • Price: $35.00
  • Description: This pair of 5 1/2 inch long rounds wears "FA 4" headstamps and have drilled bodies and empty primer pockets. A great display item. ...
New Item #24360

Peters Wad Cutter Mid Range 38 Special Ammo 1920s

  • Price: $125.00
  • Description: This full box was opened with a knife, so 95% of side label remains. Box shows 'Mid Range Rifle Cartridges" on side with "Unequaled for Accurate shooting up to 20 yards". Top label has a great pictu...
New Item #35505

Scarce RC Flick Cuero Texas Inside Pants Holster

  • Price: $295.00
  • Description: This is a nice piece of American West history; an original RC Flick Cuero Texas marked inside the pants holster. Holster is 8 3/4" in length x 4 1/4" at its widest part. Should hold a 4" or perhaps 5"...
New Item #35369

Swedish Model 1896 Bayonet & Scabbard

  • Price: $95.00
  • Description: This is a nice clean Swedish Model 1896 bayonet and scabbard. Numbers don't match, but we believe bayonet and scabbard were issued to the same unit as the bayonet is marked "L/L2/No 47/a/No 139" and t...
Sold Item #35696

U.S. 1917 Bolo in Excellent Plus Condition

  • Description: Excellent if not issued U.S. model 1917 bolo knife built by plumb Phila. The left side of the ricasso is marked plumb Phil PA over 1918. The US Mod 1917 marking is marked on the right side of the ri...
New Item #35596

WW2 British No. 5 Mk. I Bore Straightness Gauge

  • Price: $375.00
  • Description: This is a two-piece gauge consisting of a 7 1/2” long telescopic section with eye-piece, adjustable along both x and y axis. The markings on the tube read: “INST. TESTING STRAIGHTNESS OF BORE NO....
Arrived on 08/24/2018
New Item #35635

Belgium 1916/24 Rifle Bayonet

  • Price: $225.00
  • Description: Belgium model 1916/24 is an infantry bayonet with a 17 5/8" double edge blade and an overall length of 22 3/8" . Tthe cross guard shows a #3699 and Ic. This bayonet rides in its original scabbard th...
New Item #30335

DWM Luger Pistol Carbine Model 1920 Scarce Parts Gun

  • Price: $6,495.00
  • Description: Serial #3900m, 7.63mm Para. (.30 Luger), 11 3/4” barrel with a fine, bright bore that has a few tiny spots of freckling within the grooves. This is one of the rare parts guns that uses a typical co...
New Item #35623

Peters 300 Savage Factory Reference Dated

  • Price: $150.00
  • Description: Mintish Box of 300 Savage yellow, blue, red and white box. 180 gr HV Hollow pointed bullets. Both te box and cartridges rate as excellent. Bright as new color. This box shows date stamp Sept-1955 t...
New Item #35464

Scarce Remington Elliot Single Shot Deringer

  • Price: $1,995.00
  • Description: Serial #6598, .41 RF, 2 1/2” barrel with a very good, bright bore that has some mild freckling within the grooves. The barrel of this diminutive pistol retains about 40-50% of the original blue fin...
New Item #35278

Swiss Leather Cartridge Pouch

  • Price: $55.00
  • Description: Excellent condition Swiss military (cartridge) pouch. marked with Swiss Cross RK, Makers W. ViehWeg Olten Overall Excellent condition. ...
New Item #35636

U.S. Model 1826 Navy Cutlass

  • Price: $2,895.00
  • Description: This is a rare US cutlass that measures 30 3/4” overall with a 25 1/4” curved, single-edged blade having narrow fullers. The steel has a mottled gray patina with dark spots of freckling throughou...
New Item #35357

Vintage Savage Model 630 Shotshell Reloading Press

  • Price: $115.00
  • Description: This is a vintage Savage Model 630 tabletop shotshell reloading press. Press is 16 1/2" in height and the metal is silver (age tarnishing to a bronze color) and blued. A pivoting 4 station head move...
Arrived on 08/17/2018
New Item #35402

America Remembers Samuel Walker Limited Edition Dragoon Revolver

  • Price: $2,495.00
  • Description: Serial #10192, .44 Caliber, 9” barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is No. 32 in a series of 100 limited edition revolvers and features Samuel Walker's signature inlaid in gold on the left s...
Sold Item #35644

British Military WW1 Binoculars

  • Description: Pair of all brass British Military binoculars. This pair shows the broad arrow on the left barrel and S3 over 8902 on the right. Excellent snameled painted brass, (probably 3 power). This pair was ...
New Item #6612

Civil War U.S. Marked Cartridge Box

  • Price: $295.00
  • Description: A black leather percussion regulation revolver cartridge box with similar markings to one shown on page 389 of "U.S. Military Holsters And Pistol Cartridge Boxes" by E. Scott Meadows. The flap shows ...
Sold Item #35451

French Model 1886/15 Bayonet

  • Description: This bayonet measures 25” overall with a 20 3/8” straight, angular blade with four full-length, hollow ground flutes. The steel has a mostly bright patina, but with small spots of dark freckling ...
New Item #34144

S&W Safety Hammerless Revolver 3rd Model

  • Price: $650.00
  • Description: Serial #242445, .32 S&W, 3” barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is a great little revolver that has matching numbers on the frame, cylinder, barrel, latch, and extractor with the metal reta...
New Item #35656

Small Belgian Folding Trigger Revolver 22 Cal

  • Price: $145.00
  • Description: This is a small Belgian marked folding trigger revolver chambered in 22 caliber. Round barrel is 1 5/8" with a poor rusty bore with evident rifling. Metal surfaces are nickel finished and retain about...
New Item #29080

Starr Cartridge Cavalry Post Civil War Carbine

  • Price: $1,895.00
  • Description: Serial #39751, .52 RF, 21” barrel with a fine, bright bore that has some spots of freckling within the grooves towards the muzzle and breech. The barrel has retained most of the original blue finis...
New Item #35680

U.S. 1911 Holster By Carton & Knights 1916 45 Auto

  • Price: $70.00
  • Description: U.S. Graton & Knight & Co 1916 russet leather holster. This holster remains in excellent condition. The brass button and rivets show green corrosion. Clear v.s. Graton and Knight Co markings. ...
New Item #26295

W.W. Greener Emperor Shotgun Single Trigger Double 1 of 50 Built

  • Price: $3,995.00
  • Description: Serial #42382, 12 ga. (2 3/4" chamber) Full & Full Chokes, 30" barrels with excellent, bright bores. This is a handsome gun that retains nearly all of the original intricate twist pattern that has du...
New Item #35676

WW2 German Gas Mask

  • Price: $90.00
  • Description: German WW2 gas mask . This example is complete with its original straps. The rubber face mask remains flexible. original blue paint on nose and around the eyes . The can is code marked by A F E da...
New Item #35410

WW2 U.S. Canteen USS Co 1942 Enamel Porcelain

  • Price: $95.00
  • Description: This is a fairly scarce original US Model 1942 porcelain or enamel canteen marked in a circle on the bottom "US/USS Co and dated 1942". There are 2 chips to the material; a thumbnail sized chip on the...
Arrived on 08/10/2018
New Item #35589

Chinese Han Dynasty Bronze Spearpoint

  • Price: $995.00
  • Description: This spearpoint measures 6 15/16” overall, with a 4 3/4” angular, leaf-shaped blade, elongated towards the point. The blade has raised central ridges on either side, and beaded elements that are ...
New Item #35274

Original Chinese Broomhandle Holster Rig

  • Price: $750.00
  • Description: An original Chinese wood stock and leather for one of the Chinese broomhandle pistols. Ref see "The broom handle pistol 1896-1936 by Brickson & Pate" The identical stock is pictures on page 262. T...
New Item #35613

Pair of U.S. Military Stirrups Dated 1941

  • Price: $95.00
  • Description: Pair of U.S. Military stirrups marked V.Q.M.D. and dated 1941. This is a pair with matching markings . Excellent as found condition. pair. ...
New Item #35625

Remington 25-06 Ammo 3 Boxes 60 Rounds

  • Price: $60.00
  • Description: Lot of 3 boxes all cartridges are as new, boxes show a little shelf wear. 60 cartridges 100 gr soft point. ...
New Item #35088

S&W Model 1905 .38 M&P Fourth Change Revolver

  • Price: $745.00
  • Description: Serial #353499, .38 Special, 4” barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is a handsome revolver that has matching numbers on the frame, cylinder, barrel, yoke, and extractor. The metal retains ...
New Item #35609

Sealed Box of Winchester 38 Rim Fire Cartridge

  • Price: $295.00
  • Description: Sealed box of Winchester 38 rim fire. early square box Stetson patent 1871. Top label shows scuff mark, the back and right seals are intact. Left and front seals are partially broken. Remains as u...
New Item #35614

U.S. Marked Horse Bit

  • Price: $60.00
  • Description: U.S. Military , sweet iron marked horse bit. Marked US #3 Y&T maker. Excellent example from a mauser S/42...
New Item #34085

U.S. Model 1884 Trapdoor Rifle by Springfield Armory

  • Price: $2,195.00
  • Description: Serial #470191, .45-70, 32 1/2” barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is a very nice rifle that has most of the original blue remaining on the metal with some fading and discoloration at the ...
Sold Item #35674

WWII German SA Dagger By Gebr Becker

  • Description: SA Dagger built by Gebr Becker showing the chef logo. The blade is bright with clear markings and some very light staining. The cross guard is marked WF. The grips are sound showing only normal car...
Arrived on 08/03/2018
New Item #35230

Lee Enfield No 4 Mk 1 English Barrel 303 British

  • Price: $165.00
  • Description: Lee Enfeild, English No 4 MNK 1 barrel built by Fazakerley 1951 (Korean War) this barrel shows the English enamel painted finish and a bore that rates vg to vg plus, strong rifling with light corrosio...
New Item #28700

Rare Broadwell Mountain Gun Breech Loading Cannon

  • Price: $49,995.00
  • Description: 2.68" dia. bore (68mm), 35 1/2" rifled barrel with a fine bore that has some minor freckling within the grooves near the breech and muzzle. This is an exceptionally rare gun, made shortly after the U...
New Item #33281

S&W .32 Hand Ejector Model 1903 Revolver (2nd Model)

  • Price: $395.00
  • Description: Serial #14810, .32 S&W Long, 4 1/4” barrel with a good bore that has moderate pitting along its length. This is a round-butt revolver with matching numbers on the frame, barrel, cylinder, yoke, and...
New Item #34114

S&W .38 M&P Model 1905 Revolver (3rd Change)

  • Price: $650.00
  • Description: Serial #209504, .38 Special, 6” barrel with a very good bore that has some mild freckling within the grooves. This is a very nice looking revolver that has matching numbers on the frame, cylinder, ...
Sold Item #34113

S&W Model 1902 .32-20 Hand Ejector (1st Change)

  • Description: Serial #17232, .32-20, 4” barrel with a very good, bright bore that has freckling within the grooves. This round-butt revolver has matching numbers on the frame, cylinder, barrel, extractor, and yo...
New Item #34246

Taurus Model PT 24/7 Pistol

  • Price: $395.00
  • Description: Serial #TWL35783, 9mm Para., 4” barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This polymer frame pistol features a matte stainless slide, fixed combat sights, and an integral accessory rail. The pistol h...
New Item #35698

USMC Medical Corpsman Knife

  • Price: $95.00
  • Description: U.S. Marine, Medical Corpsman knife. This piece shows a bright excellent blade marked U.S.M.C. Chaillon, NY maker. In addition it shows a scratch marked no 7112908. This piece is mounted with what ...
Arrived on 07/27/2018
New Item #30079

Colt Officer's Model Match Revolver (Fifth Issue)

  • Price: $895.00
  • Description: Serial #75485, .22 LR, 6” barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is a handsome, 1958-made revolver that has retained 90-95% of the original blue with thinning along the sides of the barrel and...
New Item #32934

DWM Model 1906 Royal Portuguese Navy Luger

  • Price: $3,495.00
  • Description: Serial #283, 9mm Para., 4” barrel with a fine, bright bore that has some mild freckling within the grooves near the chamber mouth. This is one of about 1,000 pistols ordered by the Portuguese Navy ...
New Item #30073

Gary Reeder Custom Skorpion 41 Magnum Revolver

  • Price: $1,895.00
  • Description: Serial #177-26859, .41 Magnum, 5” heavy barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This attractive revolver was built on a Ruger GP-100 by famed revolver maker Gary Reeder of Flagstaff, AZ; and feature...
New Item #35117

Gibbs – Farquharson – Metford Match Rifle

  • Price: $8,995.00
  • Description: Serial #9344, .461 Gibbs No. 1, 36” barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is a handsome rifle that has retained some of the original blue on the barrel, but is otherwise a darkly mottled plum...
New Item #35273

Red Head Solster For S&W J. Frame Revolver

  • Price: $35.00
  • Description: Excellent condition red head holster model 209 DB. This was built for the 5 1/2" S&W J frame revolver-Excellent thick cowhide leather and red head snaps a classic holster....
New Item #17162

USMC McKeever Cartridge Box 6mm Winchester Lee Navy Rifle

  • Price: $675.00
  • Description: A scarce USMC McKeever cartridge box designed to take 4 clips of 6 mm Lee Navy cartridges. This box is embossed USMC on the front. These boxes are noted on page 76 of the "Winchester Lee Rifle" by E...
New Item #35665

WW1 German Field Gun Periscope Sight

  • Price: $395.00
  • Description: Serial #6598. This is a 9 3/4” high periscope sight with a 10 degree field-of-view, converging lines reticle and slightly cloudy, but still serviceable optics. The exterior has about 10-15% of the...