Item #30962

Winchester 33 Cal Ammo Box Trademark Scarce 10-9 Dated

  • Price: $325.00
  • Maker: Winchester
  • Model: Ammo
  • Caliber: .33 WCF

  • Description: This scarce trademark 2 piece box is typical of the company's 1906 to 1910 logo. This is the box as illustrated on page 124 of Winchester Cartridge Boxes 1856-1956 by Ray Giles and Danial Shuey. This box shows the complete labels despite having been opened. All of the markings remain in sound and excellent condition. The 33 WCF cartridges remain in excellent condition with slight lead oxidation on the bullets. Primers are all marked with the Winchester “W” This is the last of the Winchester boxes showing the quotation marks and the unusual graphics. See aforementioned reference.