Item #35177

UMC 22 S&W 100 Count Ammo Box Circa 1869-1875

  • Price: $695.00
  • Maker: UMC
  • Model: Ammo
  • Caliber: .22

  • Description: Rare union metallic cartridge co 100 count box of 22 cal No 1 pistol cartridges. This is a 2 piece box with the S&W no 1 revolver graphics on the top cover and the April 17/1860 Smith patten date. the label is intact with normal scuffing. The box is brown marbled with green top and side labels. This box is sound and complete with practically all of the labels in place. This box came with 37 round of 22 RF short, copper cased without headstamp. See page 41 of the rimfire cartridge by John L. Barber. There appears to be a mix of pointed and rounded bullets. We noted a lesser condition box in the Ward's sale of February 2016. A scarce box for the Smith & Wesson or ammunition collector.