Item #31016

U.S. Model 1855 Socket Bayonet

  • Price: $645.00
  • Maker: US
  • Model: 1855
  • Caliber:

  • Description: This bayonet measures 21 1/8” overall with an 18 1/4” angular blade having hollow-ground back flutes and single fuller with “U.S.” marked ricasso. The steel has an overall pewter patina with mottled plum-brown freckling throughout, but heaviest along the blade and shank. The locking ring is tightly fit without any play or looseness. An original, Civil War contractor-made, leather scabbard is included that has a few very small scuffs and blemishes in the body and a single short split at one of the chape rivets. The brass chape has a mottled yellow-ochre patina, and the buff leather belt loop has both a partially visible contractor stamp, and sub-inspector mark.