Item #22877

Sharps & Hankins Model 1862 Navy Carbine

  • Maker: Sharps
  • Model: 1862
  • Caliber: .52RF

  • Description: Serial #5196, .52 RF, 24" barrel with a good bore that has dark spots of pitting along its length. This carbine retains 85-90% of the original leather barrel jacket that has cracked and flaked along its surface but is still mostly intact save for a single segment on the on the underside which used cover the front of the frame. The metal has an overall mottled plum-brown patina with scattered areas of freckling and some pinprick pitting, heaviest at the muzzle collar. The action latch tab is broken off but the rifle can still be opened and the rear sight is missing its locking spring and now pivots freely. The walnut buttstock has an old added varnish over rather good wood with a few light-moderate bruises and blemishes scattered about, mainly on the left side on and below the comb. Additionally, there is a long with-the-grain blemish along the right side which looks like a crack but is actually merely a surface scratch. The ghost of an inspector's cartouche is visible on the left side of the wrist. This is a very good Sharps & Hankins overall and would make a good addition to a collection. Antique