Item #33184

RWS Weiss 4mm Conversion Kit for Walther P.38 Pistol

  • Price: $395.00
  • Maker: RWS
  • Model: Walther
  • Caliber: 4mm

  • Description: This is a seldom seen Weiss Device single-shot conversion unit for the P.38 pistol and consists of: barrel insert, locking collar, loading spoon, and cleaning rod/ejector. The kit was intended to be used as a low-noise/low-recoil training aid using small 4mm RF cartridges, and were made in several versions to fit various pistols between the 1920s to WW2. The kit is in excellent condition, and is housed in the original black box with purple flock lining. A small plastic label in Swedish identifies the contents. This is a fairly rare sub-caliber conversion kit, and rates excellent condition overall.