Item #33417

Prussian Model 1809 Percussion Converted Musket (US Inspected)

  • Price: $1,495.00
  • Maker: Prussia
  • Model: Musket
  • Caliber: .72

  • Description: NSN, .72 Caliber, 41 1/4” barrel with a good, darkly freckled bore. This is a “Saarn” marked “Potsdam Musket” with the barrel having an overall plum-brown patina that has mild freckling along its length, some silvering (and some tiny specks of white paint) at the muzzle, and a bit of pinprick pitting on and around the nipple bolster. The barrel has “246” on the knox-form just ahead of the rear sight, and Prussian proofs on the left side. The lockplate has the “F(crown)W” cypher above the armory name, and has a slightly mottled bright gray patina with mild freckling throughout. The stock has numerous small handling marks and blemishes scattered about the original varnish finish and the brass barrel bands and furniture have developed a dark yellow-ochre patina over time. Additionally, there are two parallel cracks (one with a narrow chip missing) running along either side of the ramrod channel just behind the nosecap. The action is tight, and a correct metal ramrod is included. The left side of the stock, opposite the lock, has a crisp US inspector's cartouche: “RPB” (Robert P. Beals – contract arms inspector during the Civil War). These Prussian muskets were stop-gap weapons imported to arm the hastily assembled volunteer regiments mustered into service at the start of the war. As US arms production moved into wartime production, these flintlock conversions were relegated to garrison duty or storage. It is highly unusual to see one with a US inspector's marking. Antique