Item #13617

Musket Rare British VR Marked Victoria Tower

  • Maker: British
  • Model: Brown Bess
  • Caliber: .76 cal

  • Description: .75 caliber, 39 1/4" barrel with a good bore that has some dark freckling and pinprick pitting along its length. This is a "TOWER" and "(crown)/VR" marked musket that has a smooth plum-brown patina along the correct barrel that has been reconverted to flint. The lock has some light-moderate pitting as well as some heavier pitting along the breech end of the barrel. The lock itself is in very good shape and functions flawlessly however the cock is a replacement. The walnut stock has scattered light-moderate handling marks and surface bruises under a fairly glossy piano varnish finish added at some point but the right side of the buttstock still has a crisp "(Broad Arrow)/BO" Board of Ordnance stamp. No sling swivels remain and the ramrod is in fine shape. These muskets were only made for about a year or so as Queen Victoria assumed the throne in 1837 and the switchover to percussion began in 1839. In fact, most of the VR marked Brown Besses were destroyed in a fire at the Tower of London in 1841 but a few pockets of survivors escaped the blaze, most notably a large stock sent to Newfoundland which is where this example was found. These are a scarce musket in any condition and this reconverted example is in very good condition overall. Antique