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Item #38103

Lefaucheux Model 1854 Revolver (Conversion to Centerfire)

  • Price: $995.00
  • Maker: Lefaucheux
  • Model: 1854
  • Caliber: 12mm

  • Description: Serial #37246, 12mm Pinfire, 6 1/4 part octagon barrel with a fine, bright bore that has thin freckling within the grooves. This is a so-called Cavalry model revolver with trigger guard spur, and has retained about 25-30% of a period-added blue, mostly on protected areas, and the cylinder, while the balance of the metal is a smooth, mottled plum-brown. The Lefaucheux LF stamp is fairly crisp and clear on the right side of the revolver while the manufacturer's marking on the left side of the frame is slightly cut off at the top. The French walnut grips are in fine condition with numerous small handling marks and blemishes in the original varnish finish on both sides. The mechanism is tight and functions flawlessly, and was converted to centerfire via adding a firing pin to the neck of the hammer, and corresponding hole in the frame. The added pin was ground flat at some point afterwards. The Lefaucheux Model 1854 was arguably the most advanced handgun used during the Civil War with approximately 14,000 revolvers actually making it to America (12,000 of them equipping Federal troops). This example falls just 246 numbers over the Civil War serial range: 25000 37000; but is a fine example of a desirable pinfire revolver overall. Antique