Item #31436

Hollifield Target Rod Set for the Model 1903 Rifle

  • Price: $545.00
  • Maker: Hollifield
  • Model: Dotter
  • Caliber:

  • Description: This is a nice “Dotter” set which consists of: two brass barrel tubes with knurled ends (24 3/8” and 21” in length), two books of simulated 200 and 300 yard targets (50 each), aim fixing target, and two original spring-loaded cartridges (three are missing). The Hollifield Target rod was an ingenious system that allowed riflemen to practice their hold, sight picture, and trigger let-off without having to go to a range. The small paper targets were placed an inch or so from the muzzle and were sized to simulate long distances. The rifle was loaded as normal with Hollifield cartridges and a steady aim taken. When the trigger was squeezed, the firing pin struck the base of the cartridge which caused a striker to impact the sharp-tipped steel rod housed within the barrel tube that was then propelled out of the muzzle a short way, striking the target and leaving a small puncture (the “bullet hole”). Further realism could be provided by the instructor waving an indicator within the student's sight picture (as if someone was “working the pits” at a real range). The miniature target indicator is missing from this set. The set is still housed in the original wooden case, which has a nearly complete lid label, and still has both the internal parts sticker and instructional label remaining. This is a very nice example of a rare Model 1903 accessory, and is in fine, usable condition.