Item #11646

Harrington & Richardson 45-70 Line Throwing Gun

  • Price: $645.00
  • Maker: H&R
  • Model: Linegun
  • Caliber: .45-70

  • Description: SN DR4881, H&R single shot break top gun in .45-70 Blank cal. .45-70 is marked on the barrel top and marked on the left frame "Re-enforced breech." The 14 1/4" barrel is designed to accept a weighted brass projectile for throwing line. Plain walnut stocks with a recoil pad marked "Harrington" a bright bore with one patch of corrosion near the chamber. Attached is a newly made line holder from the original maker, Bridger, who is still in business. Very nice case color on the frame and 98% bright blue on the barrel. *Warning* The Line holder must remain attached to the "thrower" for legal purposes. If removed the thrower becomes an illegal short barreled, smooth bore rifle. FFL