Item #34848

French Scarce Versaillies Infantry Rifle ANXII

  • Price: $7,950.00
  • Maker: French
  • Model: ANXII
  • Caliber:

  • Description: A First Empire Infantry rifle model an XII. This rifle was designed by the famous Nicolas Boutet and has all of the appearance of a hunting rifle. This rrare rifle shows a barrel date of 1811. The stock shows the roundel dated 1812. The rifle is 41" overall with a 7 groove 26" barrel. the bore shows strong rifling. There were only 2,212 of these rifles manufactured. The metal shows scattered light pitting and very clear markings. The lock is original flint and functions with clear inspector and roundel markings. The sling loop was moved to a point 2 1/4" ahead of the lock. There are two wood cracks in the original loop location above the middle pipe. The wood shows its' original finish . This rifle was the French equivalent of the English Baker rifle but was built without a bayonet. The brass fittings and rammer are all original. The rear sling swivel was removed from the triggerguard. A very scarce flintlock rifle. For reference see page 97-99 "French Military Small Arms Vol 1 by Didier Bianchi Mowbray Publishers. Antique