Item #34767

Eastern European or Mediterranean Matchlock Musket with Decorated Barr

  • Maker: European
  • Model: Matchlock
  • Caliber: .69

  • Description: NSN, approx. .69 Caliber, 33 1/2” barrel with a dark, pitted bore. This is an imposing musket that has a cannon style muzzle, wedding band transition to octagon about 10 1/2” back, and a further wedding band transition to deep relief engraving for the remaining 11 1/2” before the plain breech section. The transitional bands have crown-like appendages that have trefoil crenellations, while the engraved breech section has a large crown and shield at the rear (the arms are no longer legible, but are quartered). Just above the shield and crown is a small panel with clear “1536” date. The lock has a plain, rectangular lockplate, with a two-piece serpentine that has a wingnut adjustment. The musket has a conventional bowed trigger guard, and trigger, and the action is functional. The pin-fastened stock is very stout in construction, and has numerous small handling marks and blemishes scattered about the surface. Rough inletting is present around the lockplate, and there appears to be the remnants of an old black painted finish on the butt. The Ramrod is missing and there are some short, with-the-grain cracks at the nose of the forend. A short letter accompanies the musket that ties the gun to the previous owner's father, a British Police Constable, and speculates that the musket was purchased during temporary duty on the island of Cyprus in the 1970s. This is a fascinating matchlock weapon, and would make a very nice decorative accent piece. Antique