Item #23631

Cased Webley Solid Frame Revolvers by Pape

  • Price: $4,450.00
  • Maker: Webley
  • Model: Solid Frame
  • Caliber: .442 Webley

  • Description: Serial #639 and 827, .442 Webley, 6" barrels with very good bores that have some dark freckling within the grooves. This is an attractive set comprised of two solid frame Webleys, both retailer marked by William Rochester Pape of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (in business from 1857-1888). Both revolvers have been professionally refinished with a mixture of dark rust blue, brightly polished ejector assemblies, and bright nitre bluing on some of the screws and other components. While extremely similar, the revolvers are not identical (the topstraps are of different profiles and the finish of a few of the smaller components varies between the two guns). Both of the revolver frames are engraved "CGC" in flowing script on the right sides but the significance of these markings is currently unknown. The checkered walnut grips are in fine shape with very little flattening and only some minor handling marks and small blemishes. The actions and lock-up of both guns are tight and they function flawlessly. The revolvers are housed in an oaken traveling case that has been partially relined in green and blue baize inside the compartments and on the dividers but the original Pape label is still 98% intact on the interior of the lid. The lid itself has a brass name plate which reads, "JOHN MURRAY/283/University St." (Montreal, P.Q.). Included with the revolvers are a wooden cleaning rod, key, and a Hawksley marked metal oil bottle. This is a fantastic cased set of early British cartridge revolvers, attractively and professionally refurbished, that would make a great addition to any collection. {Ref. "Webley Revolvers- by Bruce & Reinhart; 1988} Antique