Item #13294

Canadian Sword Canada Rifles Marked

  • Price: $475.00
  • Maker: Canadian
  • Model: Sword
  • Caliber:

  • Description: The blade measures 32 3/8" long X 1 " wide with an 18 7/8" fuller running to within 11 3/4" of the spear point. The blade is etched with the words 'Canada Rifles" and floral designs. The steel guard shows a stringed bugle as per figure 148 on page 160 in "Swords of the British Army" by Brian Robson. This blade does not have a piped back. All evidence of the maker has been worn from either ricasso. The grip is fishskin with twisted copper wire and a steel, brass plated scabbard with 2 ring hangers. The scabbard is missing its wood spacers. A scarce enough sword to warrant a restoration. Antique