Item #CJ14-4

Canadian Journal of Arms Collecting - Vol. 14 No. 4 (Nov 1976)

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  • Description: A Survivor of the Third Battalion, 1st Guards of Foot. — Hamilton, Don F.—107-112
    A Scottish Basket-Hilted Backsword, c.1760. — Crook, Norman J.—113-117
    Notes on the U.S. Ship Musket Model 1795. — Baird, Donald.—118-119
    A Revolving Blunderbuss from Ireland. — Forman, James D.—120-121
    Epilogue to 90 Years of Cartridge Manufacture in Canada. — Houlden, J.W.—122-128
    Gun Collectors in Canada Celebrate 25th Anniversary. — Gooding, S. James.—129