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Item #35236

Mexican American Western Cowboy Holster & Belt Rig

  • Price: $250.00
  • Description: Vintage Mexican/American holster, belt and buckle the embroidered holster is marked Porfirio Becerril 1942. The holster appears to have been built for a small automatic pistol. The holster rides on ...
Item #21407

Peters DuPont Salesman's Sample Shotshell / Cartridge Display

  • Price: $2,795.00
  • Description: The quad-fold faux leather case is lined in a dark blue velvet with gold lettered "PETERS/DUPONT" label on the inside of the cover. The main section contains three rows of 48 polished dummy cartridge...
Item #19035

Vintage English Amberite Powder Tin

  • Price: $225.00
  • Description: An excellent example of a Curtiss and Harvey smokeless "Amberite" powder can. This black powder substitute could be used for shotguns and rook rifles but not rifles. This excellent tin shows most of ...
Item #30006

Dominion 32 S&W Cartridge Box Unopened

  • Price: $395.00
  • Description: Scarce Dominion sealed Box of 32 S&W cartridges . This is a very early circa 1900 box. This box rates as excellent plus condition. The top show all of the original green printing with the beaver tr...
Item #12974

Plain Angled Corner Battie Flask

  • Price: $295.00
  • Description: A 7 1/8" high brass flask with sharply angled corners and 4 carry rings. The spout has 3 unmarked positions and is stamped vertically "Battie". this spelling is unusual as Riling has several listing...
Item #9525

Federal Cartridge Corp Conservation Illustrations from 1930s

  • Price: $165.00
  • Description: A circa 1934 side wired 8 3/8 X 10 1/2" booklet printed " Compliments of Federal Cartridge Corporation, Minneapolis, Minnesota." A series of black on white illustrations all with a conservationist mo...
Item #26053

Winchester Ammunition 1992 Calendar

  • Price: $65.00
  • Description: This 17 X 24 inch calendar features a breakfast at hunting camp painting above a tear off calendar. All month pages are present and this is in excellent condition with some small folding along right ...
Item #25914

State of New Hampshire Fish + Game Laws 1947-48

  • Price: $40.00
  • Description: This 101 page booklet lists laws, season, wardens, game and encourages sportsmanship and respect for landowners. This book is similar to the currently issued law books except prices for licenses are c...
Item #11986

Collection of 15 Shooting Medals 1939-1965

  • Price: $195.00
  • Description: A collection of 15 shooting medals from the NRA, Vermont and Connecticut. Dates run from 1939 to 1965 for pistol and rifle shooting. Attractive and collectible...
Item #20386

Ducks Unlimited Canada Print

  • Price: $250.00
  • Description: "North of Here" by Claudio D'angelo was chosen in 2008 as a Du Canada limited edition print. Numbered "1420/2008", this framed and matted print includes a commemorative coin reading "70 Years Nationa...
Item #19495

Cork Duck Decoys

  • Price: $50.00
  • Description: These were pieces from a string used in Cape Cod circa early 1940's. All are 14" by 5" with carved wood heads and 1" wood base. The heads are nicely painted with Herter type of glass eyes. Each co...
Item #8584

1920's Calendar Print - Hunter's Dream

  • Price: $75.00
  • Description: A 6X9 color print of a dozing hunter with shotgun in his easy chair dreaming of a pointing dog and hunter shooting at rising birds titled "Hunter's Dream" marked "Lowe Brothers High Standard Paints an...
Item #10156

Empty Box of Shell Crackers for Farm Use

  • Price: $55.00
  • Description: The graphic shows a shooter scaring "critters" away from the crops. 12 GA flap box by Stoneco, Inc. Denver, Colo. A white box with black and red printing. Shipping included to lower 48. ...
Item #14917

Handmade Roundball Mold

  • Price: $60.00
  • Description: This very neat mold is made with wood handles and a gate hinge. This mold casts a .45 caliber round ball and could be used today. This is a very unique approach to mold manufacturing and is simple, ...
Item #13620

280 Ross Rifle Cartridge Box Empty

  • Price: $175.00
  • Description: A scarce .280 Ross cartridge empty box. This box was one as used by the Ross Rifle Company to pack their .280 cal. cartridges. The company assembled cartridges at the factory with outside supplied co...
Item #13022

Lot of 3 Decorator or Parts Flasks

  • Price: $165.00
  • Description: 1. A zinc flask measuring 8" long with a 3 position spout. The small screw in the spout is broken off. 2. A leather "dead game" shot pouch marked for 4 pounds. The spout is marked Dixon & Sons and h...
Item #9529

Remington 32 Page Product Catalogue C. 1930

  • Price: $75.00
  • Description: A 4 " X 6 7/8 booklet showing Remington guns and accessories circa 1930. Shown are the model 8F Premier, models 12-A BC, 24 model A, models 4 & 6 rifles, 25A 22 rifles, high power 14-A , 8A, 30, 11A ...
Item #9561

Group of 4 fishing photos

  • Price: $35.00
  • Description: One photo shows an outboard motor on a boat with the name "Camp Norwood" photos and one fish card.
Item #9555

Documents from Cownie Tanning Co.

  • Price: $150.00
  • Description: Consisting of two letters to a potential customer in Peacham, Vermont regarding a custom made sheepskin lined coat. Letters are dated Feb 4 and Feb 17,1933. Cownie was located in Des moines, Iowa an...
Item #9558

Waterfowl and Upland Game from a 1949 Calendar

  • Price: $275.00
  • Description: The artist is Richard Bishop and the calendar is from Gros-ite Industries in Hartford, Ct. 6 tintogravure reproductions of original paintings. ...
Item #9548

Winchester Skeet Score Sheet

  • Price: $25.00
  • Description: A Winchester score sheet 8 3/8" X 9" showing a model 21 sheet shotgun and a box of Ranger "W" loads with quail and clay target. Red and black printing. ...